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Assetto Corsa von Kunos Simulazioni

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Scheinbar ist die Lizenz nicht so "exklusiv" wie sie das gerne hätten (oder im Werbetext beschreiben), es gibt erste Gerüchte dass auch andere Game-Studios an einer Lizenz für Porsche arbeiten.

Aber je mehr desto besser für die Sim-Community, ich freue mich über jeden Porsche in jedem Game :)

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Update v1.13

Free Goodies: Mazda MX-5 Miata und Mazda 787B

Zusätzlich erhalten die Besitzer des Porsche DLC Pack 3 einen 2017 Porsche RSR GTE.


  • New Porsche 911 RSR 2017 for Porsche Pack 3
  • New Mazda MX-5 Miata NA
  • New Mazda 787B: mod skins made for the original 787B mod will need to be updated using the new template
  • Added OpenVR/Vive support (beta)
  • Fixed Mazda MX-5 ND setup ride height false indication
  • Fixed Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV gearbox damage
  • Adjusted Lotus 72D and Ferrari 312T tyre compound wear and heat ranges
  • Fixed Flag rendering for VR
  • Fixed colour balance for emissive items (lights+digital) when Post Processing is turned off
  • Added downshift protection alert (can be disabled through the launcher options
  • All GT2/GTE cars default to Medium tyres now (also for AI)
  • Fixed broken rendering when OCULUS mode is selected but no Oculus is actually connected
  • Added Pitstop arrows to DirectInput Dpad: bind to the wheel dPad: can be overidden by controls.ini [ADVANCED]DPAD_INDEX_OVERRIDE=0
  • Added Pitstop quickmenu + Setup pitstop strategy: this can be custumized and disabled by system/cfg/pitstop.ini [SETTINGS]USE_MOUSE_PITSTOP=0
  • Updated Fanatec library to support new wheel bases.
  • Fixed possible CPU warning when player gets retired.

Multiplayer Features

  • Added reversed grid races: The race session will be restarted in reversed grid order based on the standings of the previous race. Players disqualified in the first race will start from the back of the grid in the second race, regardless of their position being within the reversed grid range.
  • Added locked entry list in pickup mode: same as in booking mode, only players already included in the entry list can join the server (password not needed).
  • Added car Steam ID sharing in entry list: each car in the entry list can feature multiple GUIDs. Players can share that car (one at once). The name inserted in the entry list is used as driver name.
  • Fixed server result log not displaying invalid laps.
  • Fixed end-of-race session status for lapped players in lap races.
  • Added Mandatory Pit: A pit window can be added to the race session. As a design choice, players need to stop at their pit box within the pit window to have a valid pit stop. Players with pit boxes further down the pitlane need to take this into account before deciding on their strategy. Players may make additional pit stops before and after the pit window, but only making a mandatory stop in the indicated pit window will validate their race. Server admins must decide on a pit window that allows all players, regardless of their pit box position, to comfortably make a pit stop under normal racing conditions.
  • Updated Shared Memory

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Changelog V1.15 + Ferrari Anniversary DLCNew Ferrari 250 GTO (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)

  • New Ferrari (288) GTO (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • New Ferrari 312 F1-67 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • New Ferrari 330 P4 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • New Ferrari F2004 (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • New Ferrari 812 Superfast (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • New Ferrari SF70H (Ferrari Anniversary Pack)
  • Templates for Ferrari 250 GTO, GTO, 312 F1-67, 330 P4 and 812 Superfast
  • Official Kaspersky team livery added for Ferrari 488 GT3
  • Updated template for Ferrari 488 GT3 (related to rear wing shape, it might affect a low % of mod skins)
  • Alpinestars gloves are introduced in Porsche cars
  • Fixed reflection issue on Corvette C7R skins
  • Minor graphical and skin-related fixes across all content
  • Updated Lotus 49 minimum weight
  • Updated Mazda RX-7 Spirit R rear wing setup and aero figures
  • Added automatic Force Feedback configuration for old wheels (ie MS Sidewinder)
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added blanket temperature to tyres.ini under [ADDITIONAL1] BLANKETS_TEMP
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added pressure vs temperature gain in tyres.ini. under [ADDITIONAL1] PRESSURE_TEMPERATURE_GAIN
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added camber spread tweak value in tyres.ini under [ADDITIONAL1] CAMBER_TEMP_SPREAD_K (AC default is 1.4, higher numbers=more spread)
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added new LUT based system to handle camber D variations. Example, (for every compound):
    This will override DCAMBER_0/1 behaviour (values still need to be there tho)
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added explicit inertia instead of box based. Use
    in car.ini
    * Suspension travel is now recorded at 166Hz in telemetry
    * Fixed AI not exiting pitlane at full speed in some cases
    *Added “ABS” FF enhancement effect
    *Added FF enhancement effects controls in-game in the “Force Feedback Controller” app
    * Added track models ini checksum on server. In order to gain full protection from cheating the server needs to include kn5 files
    * Added optional COMBINED_FACTOR value per compound. Thanks to Stereo & Jackson Papageorge (mclarenf1papa)!
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added variable throttle response as function of RPM. Add:
    to engine.ini. throttle.lut will be used for 0 RPM and whatever LUT you specify will be used at RPM_REFERENCE
  • MODDING REQUEST: Added progressive bump stop rate. In suspensions.ini under [FRONT] and [REAR] add BUMP_STOP_PROGRESSIVE . Look for “Using progressive bump rate…” in the log for confirmation

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Infos zu kommenden DLC's

The Ferrari 70th Anniversary pack

  • 1962 250 GTO
  • 1967 330 P4
  • 1967 312/67
  • 1984 GTO
  • 2004 F2004
  • 2017 812 Superfast
  • 2017 SF70H

Gratis DLC

  • Laguna Seca Circuit
  • Alfa Rome Giulia QV
  • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Pagani Huayra BC

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Bonus Pack 3 und Patch 1.16 sind da

Included Cars

  • Maserati Alfieri Concept Car
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  • Pagani Huayra BC
  • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Assetto Corsa v1.16 Changelog

– New Alfa Romeo tipo 33 Stradale
– New Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
– New Lamborghini Huracán Performante
– New Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
– New Maserati Alfieri
– New Maserati Quattroporte GTS
– New Pagani Huayra BC
– New Laguna Seca Circuit
– Corrected Porsche 908LH Fuel consumption
– Corrected Pagani Huayra front splitter aero position
– Added steering wheel alert on race start.
– Potential workaround for launcher losing input focus after session ends; reported after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
– Templates added for Bonus Pack cars
– Various minor updates to digitial instruments in older content
– Various minor graphical fixes in older content

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Mit Patch 1.16 wurde auch die Entwicklung von AC eingestellt. Hier ein Statement von Kunos bzgl. dem Nachfolger zu AC.


Yes, the future: what can you expect now? As I have said, Assetto Corsa has kept Kunos Simulazioni busy for almost seven years, and we have continued to update the game for three years following its 1.0 release. Assetto Corsa is not just a “game”; it is based on a technology designed and developed in-house, which is not a secondary detail, given that this is the technology that will determine and define the quality, gameplay and potential of the games to be based on it down the line. This is why we dedicated years to improve an engine that had originally been conceived in 2011, and this is why during 2017 we also dedicated time and resources to R&D activities that will define what we are going to be busy with in the years to come.


In 2011, Assetto Corsa was conceived to be a moddable platform featuring – possibly – 20 cars, 5 tracks and the basic functionalities typical of a driving simulation. Today, it offers 177 cars in 20 classes and genres, 19 tracks in 35 configurations, an offline career, custom championships, a solid multiplayer experience and much more, not to mention the ongoing support for modding, which has seen improvements through the years and resulted in an incredible collection of third-party content created by a dedicated community. And sometime we still can’t believe that Assetto Corsa has gone so far.

But it is not just the software that has changed and evolved throughout these years, but also the company itself. What was once a group of four guys trying to wage war on the most established names in the business is now a bigger team. Finding the “right people” to insert into such a peculiar working environment such as Kunos Simulazioni is not an easy task, and it’s something that has kept us busy during 2017 as well. I am glad to say that the results are encouraging and the future looks bright thanks to the new talents we were able to add to our team and that will join the ranks alongside the founders me and Stefano, the guys of the “old guard” who joined us since the beginning and all the other people you’ve learned to know during this adventure.

All of the above thanks also to our new “Benevolent Overlords” in Digital Bros, allowing us to think and dream bigger than we could only a few months ago.

Talking about the Team, in 2017 we welcomed four new programmers specialized respectively in graphics and gfx, UI and animations, mechanic and physics, online racing environment and ranking, with the aim to improve in those areas that can make your experience with Assetto Corsa games better and better.

There is always a margin for improvement: even after a lot of hard work to reduce this margin throughout a long development period, 2017 was a highly important year to us to define the new basis in the technology we will use in future. Even today, the community keeps asking for something new, and that is great as it means that you continue to keep us involved in fuelling your hobby, passion and training tools. To meet your expectations, and to support the features that our current technology cannot manage, some – actually a lot of – work will be required. So, it’s time to move forward.

When it arrived, there had been nothing like Assetto Corsa before. We are working hard to replicate this feeling with what there is to come in the future.

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vor 10 Stunden, felipe sagte:

Die angekündigten Multiplayer Features hören sich mindestens schon mal sehr spannend an.

Multiplayer Ranking? Haben andere Sims schon seit Jahren. Und bei pCARS2 hat man meiner Meinung nach gesehen, dass dadurch das Racing auf Public Servern auch nicht besser wird. Aber ev. haben Sie ja noch andere Asse im Ärmel.

Finde fast spannender, dass Sie die Unreal Engine 4 benutzen oder das ganze Motion Capturing für Fahrerwechsel.

Aber ob's wirklich ein neues Spiel braucht um GT3 Autos zu fahren? Laaaaaaaaaaangweilig :ph34r: Ist nur zu hoffen, dass der Launch des Spiels nicht so in die Hose geht wie die Ankündigung. Die Website war mehrere Stunden nicht erreichbar :D

Hier noch die offizielle Website https://www.assettocorsa.net/competizione/


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Ich dachte die Unreal Engine währe für Rennspiele ungeeignet, wegen den Physikberechnungen. Hoffe einfach, dass die Sprint und die Endurance Meisterschaft dabei sind. Aber ist irgendwie Schade ist es schon wieder ein GT3 Game, welche man in jedem Rennspiel zur Zeit sieht. Hätte mich eher über ein WEC Rennspiel gefreut.

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Laut Kunos konnten Sie den Physik Teil von AC in die UE migrieren, während alles andere angepasst/neu aufgebaut werden musste.

Die AC Engine hätte ja auch massiv umgeschrieben werden müssen, z.B. für die Unterstützung von mehr als einer Lichtquelle (Scheinwerfer, etc). Den Aufwand wollten Sie sich wohl ersparen.

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Da hab ich‘s schön, die Fragen stelke ich mir nicht. Als Kunos Fan freue ich mich einfach und schaue dann ob’s passt wenns da ist :D WEC wäre auch cool, einverstanden.  :x

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Ich denke am besten holt man es sich im Early Accses. Klar am Anfang wird wohl der Umfang noch beschränkt sein aber man hat es sicher ziemmlich günstig. Hoffe beim Multiplayerranking verliert man die Punkte nicht so schnell wie im pCars 2, da man dort auch viele Punkte verliert, wenn ein anderer das eigene Auto zu Schrott fährt.

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