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Featuring the Formula E Car 2018 and the teams, as well as a stunning rendition of the HKT Hong Kong E-Prix track!

All of us at Studio 397 are ecstatic about this release. It’s not just because we have achieved truly immersive physics and graphics, but we are equally proud of the close partnership we’ve developed with Formula E itself.

This newest release is part of our ongoing efforts to continually offer you, true fans of simracing, exciting and cutting edge motorsport content!

The series itself is thrilling and challenging in ways that will surprise you. You’ll have to rethink your strategy – no more easy flat footing to get on the podium! Although the racing still retains its close side-by-side action, tactics and strategy now play an equal role – a true test of your abilities to stay focused on the big picture!

We also wanted to use this opportunity to get in some exciting new features such as REGEN and power modes, as well as new cockpit and HUD elements to further increase the overall immersion and functionality.

Known issues:

  • Track accuracy may be different due to late changes in layouts
  • AI currently does not adhere to the 1 pit stop rule and does not try to save fuel by lifting and coasting
  • Regen mode is based off braking and is automatic on braking
  • Fuel indicator currently does not show granular detail on battery life, therefore we suggest using 3rd party plugins in the meantime
  • Cars have one set of physics based on homologated data
  • Liveries and helmets will be updated when embargoes are lifted
  • AI will sporadically slow just after Start/Finish under full course yellow – this should not affect the race restarts.

How to drive the car - some important information

Formula E is different to most series you may have driven before, it’s about strategy and optimising your power and battery life.

Firstly you should set up a few more controls in the options menu.

  • Increment mixture and decrement mixture – controls “eMotor Torque Map
  • Engine braking map up and down (New) – controls “Regen Mode

Now what this does is affect the regen – so the power you get back from braking and also the engine power output which also affects the battery life.

For a Formula E race you usually have 1 stop, and Hong Kong is 45 laps for instance, so that means you need to go at least 23 laps on 1 stint (4.3%) per lap.

This means you need to lift and coast, for instance down the back straight you start coasting before the 200 metre board! If you saved more energy early due to a safety car or being very conservative, you can start lift and coasting later. Conversely, if you had to pit early due to damage or whatever reason, you may have to lift and coast even earlier.

After the lift and coast phase, you then brake late and if you have regen mode high, you will get more battery power back – there easy eh! Accelerating hard out of the corners will yield the main lap time benefits.

This car is all about how efficiently you can drive it. You have a set amount of energy to complete a race, and you have to find the most effective way to get to the end, that results in the shortest time possible.

Top Tips

  • In qualifying you can run max power and high downforce, however in race use lower downforce to help eliminate drag
  • Save as much power as possible to go for an attack at the end!
  • Paint lines on street circuits are slippery, especially in the rain!
  • 3rd party apps will give you a more precise reading on fuel, which will allow you to plan your race better

rFactor 2 is a PC exclusive racing simulation available worldwide via the Steam network. The Formula E Energize DLC can be purchased for £8.70 HERE.

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Neues Auto

Build 1109 Changelog & Dev Roadmap

Full build 1109 change log (December 21st 2017)

Improved Lighting

  • We developed an Image-Based Lighting for Ambient (IBLA) solution that substantially improves lighting in our graphics engine.
  • IBLA acts on the colors of the scene, taking into account information from the surrounding environment when drawing each object.
  • The resulting lighting system gives the final image a more realistic look and it improves the perception of depth for the driver.
  • This new system uses new ambient probes that have been added to most of the tracks. It is recomputed dynamically as weather or time conditions change.
  • IBLA does not introduce any noticeable performance penalties and its features have been exposed to Mod Dev. Furthermore, tracks that do not have set IBLA yet will automatically have a default set of probes assigned to them.

Rain Effects


  • Added dynamic drops on the windshield and the body of the car.
  • These drops respect gravity, so they will run down the sides, and each single drop will have its own lifespan.
  • The drops also respect airflow around the car when driving, making them move in appropriate directions.
  • The effect is not scripted but generated in real time, and it varies depending on factors like the amount of rain drops falling from the sky, the speed of the vehicle, or the particles generated from another car in front of you.
  • Wipers on cars are now functional and will clear the windscreen in two different user configurable speeds.


  • Vastly improved reflections of the surroundings that become visible as the track gets wet.
  • Added blurred reflections for the “Ultra” Road Reflection setting.
  • Improved shaders for the real-road surfaces and added new shaders to match closely the properties of elements like curbs in dry/wet conditions.
  • Added highly detailed puddle maps that allow puddles to form in the appropriate places on tracks.

New HUD Options

  • Added options to show tire wear and ride height as text parameters.
  • Added tire wear percentage to the vehicle status MFD.
  • Increased the accuracy of fuel consumption with an extra digit.
  • Fixed a bug with TireAverageTemp text parameters, which would not show up in the HUD because of a space in their names.
  • Added a “delta best” parameter that you can add to a HUD, showing time lost or gained compared to your fastest lap in milliseconds. Works for all cars (not just player). Included optional text coloring of the text output so positive and negative values can result in different colors.
  • Added a more accurate fuel indication as well as one that shows the fuel you used in your last (full) lap, or zero otherwise.
  • Added a gauge for showing the “delta best” with a range of -1.0 to +1.0 seconds.
  • Added predicted number of laps remaining based on fuel used for last lap.
  • Added current rain percentage.
  • Added minimum and maximum track water depth.
  • Added an option to disable font scaling for the chat and message box (apart from using comic sans, non-linear font scaling is about the biggest sin a designer can commit).
  • Added weather info (rain intensity and min/max water depth) into the MFD for HUD and in-car use.
  • Designed a new default HUD that takes advantage of the new features. (Coming soon)

Other/Fixes etc.

  • The plugin API will no longer invoke callbacks that provide ScreenInfoV01 data that used to allow plugins to render to the screen. Doing this directly has been deprecated with the release of DX11, and alternatives are to either use information that is available in the updated HUD or wait for a new plugable HUD system to be released in 2018.
  • We have removed the “cache” folder from our install, so all content will now be downloaded from the workshop. This means the base install is much smaller. Upon first launch you will be automatically subscribed to all Studio 397 content and while that is downloading the Launcher will show a progress dialog window with screenshots of all content items it is downloading for you.
  • Generating Mip Maps from reflections, this gives smoother reflections as a result.
  • Formula E liveries for TeCheetah, Mahindra and Venturi updated to 2018.
  • Formula E driver helmets updated.
  • Formula E driver suits updated.

Known Issues/troubleshooting

  • Rain effects are visual currently. However, we are working on physics impacts.
  • Some content is still to be updated to include the rain effects such as cars and tracks.
  • Performance is constantly being reviewed
  • Rain drops on external cameras under review
  • If you are experiencing strange graphical issues, delete the contents of your cbash and shader folders located in \Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Log
  • Important: Make sure to update any SteamCMD servers to get the latest!

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Dev Update von Jänner



Wichtigste News ist, dass KartSim in rF2 integriert wird und somit auf dieser Engine basiert. Noch von ein paar Monaten wollten die Macher von KartSim die Unreal Engine benutzen, sind dann aber wohl kläglich gescheitert, weil diese Engine zwar gut ist für Grafik, jedoch aber kein Modul für Physikberechnungen bietet.

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Für RF2 gibt es nun das KartSim DLC

Steam:  Link

Kosten: CHF 23.50

Es gibt 3 Strecken, wovon mit PFI eine der bekanntesten englischen Kartstrecken dabei ist, die in der englischen wie internationalen Meisterschaften gefahren werden. Bei den Karts gibt's den X30 Senior (In etwa wie der Rotax Max) mit Tony Kart Verschalungen und ein Mietkart. Ziemlich wenig Content für so viel Geld, aber ich werde es wohl trotzdem probieren, da ich das Kart Racing Pro trotz viel Aufwand auf meiner Kiste nicht zum Laufen bringe. 

Mehr Infos gibt's hier.

Für 400 Pfund soll es auch eine Pro Version geben, keine Ahnung welche Inhalte. Der Preis ist auf jeden Fall jenseits von gut und böse.


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Nachtrag: KartSim macht ziemlich Spass, der X30 Kart ist gut umgesetzt und Buckmore und vor allem PFI sind grandiose Strecken. 

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Grandios, werde ich mir auch besorgen. Mit Kart Racing Pro habe ich nur Probleme, macht keinen Spass bisher.

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KartSim Update Notes:

KS_X30 v1.13
Rental v1.13


  • Changes to naming parameters
  • More adjustmentment on seating
  • Updated Skins
  • Tyre telemetry switched on as per request from forum
  • Default gearing fixed

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Studio 397 have deployed two new and free historic Formula One cars to rFactor 2 recently, having completed work on the stunning Brabham BT44b of 1975 fame to join the 1976 March 716, two very active and famous cars from previous eras of Formula One racing.

Both cars have been made available to the simulation at no additional charge to owners of the title, and can be downloaded from the rFactor 2 Steam Workshop page.

March 761
A fragile but rocket-like fast F1 car, designed and manufactured by UK based March Engineering. With a background of designing F2 cars and the experience of many different racing series, March Engineering brought this car into F1 in 1976. An interesting fact is that these cars used a sponsorship that changed from race to race, resulting in many wildly different liveries being used throughout the season.

Brabham BT44b
The car used by Brabham in 1975 wasn´t anything extraordinary from just looking at the individual parts. Marrying a Cosworth DFV engine to a Hewland FG gearbox was considered standard practice that time, so the BT44b didn´t stand out. But the team worked hard not only on improving the reliability of this combination, but also on the performance in certain areas, as well as making sure the BT44b features a very low centre of gravity. With all these coming together, Brabham managed to have their most successful season since 1969, finishing 2nd in the constructors championship.

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Roadmap Juli: https://www.studio-397.com/2018/07/roadmap-update-july-2018/


Infos zu den rF2 Updates:

Latest Update! 26-07-2018
Steam Build ID 2980035
Steam Build ID 2942931 (dedicated server)

- Optimized performance when running post effects at MED/HIGH /ULTRA
- Globally adjustment to positioning of garage exit crewman
- Fixed brake disc glow not blending correctly on certain cars
- Added new parameter to UI 'Stabilize Horizon' This allows users three levels of visual damping. Can be used in VR and on monitors.
- Fixed VR 'mirror screen' flickering at track load

GT3 Pack Update 4
Changelog 25/07/2018

Bentley Continental GT3 2017 v2.31
- Updated tires
- Added onboard Traction Control and ABS
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing
- Added position lights

Callaway Corvette GT3 2017 v2.33
- Updated tires
- Added onboard Traction Control and ABS
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing
- Added position lights

McLaren 650S GT3 2017 v2.25
- Updated tires
- Minor texture fixes in cockpit (mainly visible while in VR)
- Added onboard Traction Control and ABS
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing
- Added position lights

Mercedes AMG GT3 2017 v2.31
- Updated tires
- Added onboard Traction Control and ABS
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing
- Added position lights

Radical RXC GT3 2017 v2.31
- Updated tires
- Added onboard Traction Control and ABS
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing
- Added position lights

Endurance Pack Update 1

BMW M8 GTE 2018 v1.25
- Updated tires
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing

Corvette C7R GTE 2017 v1.49
- Updated tires

Porsche 991RSR GTE 2017 v1.49
- Updated tires
- Minor physics adjustments based on BOP testing

Norma M30-LMP3 2017 v1.51
- Updated tires

Oreca 07 LMP2 2017 v1.41
- Updated tires
- Updated suspensi

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Interessanter Artikel zur Zusammenarbeit Sim Racing Produktion (hier Studio 397) mit der realen Motorsportwelt:


Übrigens, ich habe mir die oben erwähnten Packages (GT3, Endurance) besorgt und dazu auch die neue, lasergescannte, Strecke von Sebring. Das macht alles viel Spass und gefällt mir sehr gut! 👍🏼

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